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Understanding today's students

$6,147unmet need of students not retained at IUPUI in 2016.

40%retention rate of Fall 2017 beginners with more than $10k in unmet need.

40% of IUPUI 2018 beginners received the Pell Grant their first semester at IUPUI.

IUPUI students who receive a Federal Pell Grant...

  • Less likely to graduate with High School Academic Honors Diploma.
  • More likely to register for courses late.
  • Less likely to earn AP credit.
  • More likely to test into developmental math.
  • Less likely to enroll in 15 credit hours.
  • More likely to be first-generation.
  • More likely to be in an underrepresented group (African American, Latino/a, Two or More Races), noting 81% African American and 68% Latina/o beginners received a Pell Grant.
  • More external commitments (working off-campus, care for dependents, commuting, taking care of household responsibilities).
  • Less likely to live in campus housing.
  • More likely to rate themselves below average or having low levels of emotional and physical health.
  • More likely to expect to experience stress in balancing school with family demands.
  • More likely to have major or some concerns about their ability to finance their college education.
  • Less confidence in academic ability, math skills, and writing skills.
  • Lower rates of academic performance at IUPUI (GPAs).

Source: IUPUI Institutional Research and Decision Support

1. Enrollment Concerns

2. Outstanding balances on their account

3. Absence notification during emergency

4. Concerns outside the classroom

5. Basic needs not met



6. Financial aid or bursar clarification

7. Hungry and without a meal plan

8. Volunteer opportunities

9. Cannot afford textbooks

10. Concerns with living situation